Men's Am-Am Open Results

112 competitors played in the Men's Am-Am Open - a Team of 4 Stableford competition off the white tees.  The scoring wasn't easy in the cool, breezy conditions!
The results were as follows:
1st - 97 points
Con McAloon (Aberdovey)
Gary Loveman (Aberdovey)
John Williams (Aberdovey)
Martin Page (Aberdovey)
2nd - 95 points
Clive Walton (Enville)
Jon Thompson (Enville)
Carl Payne (Rushmere)
Andrew Thompson (Kidderminster)
3rd - 94 points (on back 9)
Gary Davenport (Malkins Bank)
Lee Hodgkinson (Malkins Bank)
Daniel Buttress (Malkins Bank)
Mark Bostock (Malkins Bank)
4th - 94 points
George Stowe (Aberdovey)
Norman Bennett (Aberdovey)
Jim Chambers (Beau Desert)
Ray Aston (Patshull Park )
Congratulations to all who played - we hope to see you back in Aberdovey for the Men's Open on 15th July!

Posted: 30/06/2017