Texas Scramble Open Results

164 competitors played in the last Open event of the year at Aberdovey - a Texas Scramble. There were 3 separate competitions - men, ladies and mixed - and the results were as follows:
Men's Team
1st - P Baker, M Beard, J Garbett, D Yarranton - 57.2
2nd - P Ashford, I Garbutt, T Lewis, F Evans - 58.1
Mixed Team
1st - M Nickson, S Goddard, J Price, N McMullan - 60.4
2nd - C McAloon, J McAloon, A Upson, M Upson - 62.9
Ladies Team
1st - J Line, N Hughes, S Ord, C Wilkinson - 69.9
Congratulations to all who played - we hope to see you back in Aberdovey for the Opens in 2018!

Posted: 24/09/2017